The Internet is truly a wonder of the modern world.  It is used to transfer information via a series of tubes.  It was invented by Al Gore in 1987 while he was trying to resurrect the dinosaurs by merging a light bulb with a badger.  The resulting explosion unintentionally created the Internet.


Todd McFarlane exists on the internet.  Todd McFarlane is both a designer a company, and according to U.S. congress he IS legally a person.  Here’s its website:

If you’re not able to view this link because you’re not in front of a computer right now, you may need to find what the Germans call an “internet kiosk”.

An Internet kiosk is something you can use to satiate your face book addiction when away from home.


Warning: Too much exposure to the internet can be harmful to your brain.  If you experience electrode detachment, shunt misplacement or dulled neurostimulation (or Michel Bay Syndrome), ask your doctor about neuroArm.  neuroArm is a robot controlled buy a machine that can surgically alter your brain and is 100% NOT self-aware.  Trust us.

Robots are awesome.  You know what else is awesome?  Star trek!

Check out this guy’s fan site.

The designer of the inter face uses text and colors in a format similar to what you would see on the computer screens in the show.  I wonder how this guy could have known what computers would look like in the future.  I wonder if he knows what the weather is like in the future.  Well we don’t need this guy’s future sight to tell us.  We have Weather on our iPhones.


Weather is a wonderful app to have on your phone.  Now you don’t need to go outside or even look out the window.  Now we can remain in the comfort of our dark windowless basement alone and safe from the sinful decadence of the outside world, like mummy wanted.  Isn’t that right mummy?  We’re a good boy aren’t we?  Why don’t you talk anymore mummy?  Not since we wrapped are scarf around your neck to keep you warm, you’ve never talked again.  We’re a good boy…